069c5e_52a87f7ff4714cf082623e2f2ecf290f-mv2What is the name of your site?

New Wine

Where are you located?

Here in Hartford, Connecticut, I am launching New Wine Dinner Church on Thursday, Oct. 26. I am so excited to be apart of this movement.

Who is a good contact person?

Rev. Michelle Hughes 860-761-7107

What are your web links including home page, Facebook page, blog site, etc. if you have them?

Do you have a denominational or local church sponsor?

I am UCC Clergy, but I am launching this as an independent venture right now

Do you have a particular demographic you are trying to reach?

Primarily 40-60+

How is your approach particularly different?

Since I am employed full-time, we will offer quarterly dinner gatherings, a bi-monthly pod-cast, and ministerial services to those with no church affiliation

In what ways are you trying to be the same or different from a typical congregation?

Location will not be in a church but in an innovative community space
We will not meet weekly, or on Sundays
Attire: informal
We will offer communion, and have a sermon

If you were to describe your important or unique characteristics, what would they be?

Our aim is to use this dinner church model while incorporating elements of African American culture

What or who has influenced/inspired your scheme? Any particular congregation, person, or book?

I am part of the UUA Entrepreneurial Ministry course, and this is my ministry project

Is there anything distinct about your meal?

Our meals will be simple: salad, and something that can be a one-pot meal
We will serve wine


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