“Table Talk”: Just off the press

 Table Talk Mike Graves

Food for Thought

Dr. Mike Graves writes:

“What if I told you that the way Christians worship and eat Communion today is not just 2,000 years removed from the first century but in many ways light years removed, that those earliest followers of Jesus might not even recognize our worship services?

 What if I told you they gathered primarily to eat, and when those earliest house churches started to grow, they made more room by converting the dining room into meeting space and the loss was more catastrophic than we ever could have imagined?

 What if I told you that their Communion meal was more of a festive dinner party, celebrating and enjoying the presence of the resurrected Jesus?

 What if I told you that the first followers of Jesus had extended conversations over wine after dinner, valuing the voices of everyone present, and that conversation was their notion of preaching?

 What if I told you that in churches everywhere, new ways of eating Communion are enlivening congregations, giving them reasons to celebrate together in festive joy?

 What if I told you that a new movement of God is afoot in our day, a movement called dinner church at which people gather around a meal and have a conversation as they remember Jesus and celebrate their part in God’s family?”

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