Dinner Church blog was created to encourage the growth in the use of Dinner Church in the contemporary church. It seeks to bring together recent Biblical scholarship with the movement of the Spirit in today’s church around issues that include worship and disciple formation in the midst of a full, festive meal. Its goal is also the creation of a religious counter-culture to ¬†empire today.

This blog has three main sections, each named after a significant book: “In the Shadow of Empire”, “In the Beginning was the Meal”, and “Subversive Meals”. These sections cover recent academic studies into the First Century origins of the church, its external and internal beginnings.

They are preceded by a Prologue. This consists of work I was doing before I encountered both the academic studies and the contemporary Dinner Churches. It was in the compiling of the Net Prophet videos that I encountered the books that led me to Dinner Church.

They are followed by Dinner Church sites: a map of over 100 contemporary expressions that follow some of the patterns and emphases of their first century models.These are followed by the bibliographies on Empire and Meals.

If you are interested in this blog, you might want to check out the two Facebook group pages I maintain:

DINNER CHURCH MOVEMENT: This is a Facebook group page which is for posting the various sites where some form of dinner church is held, and for posting articles (blog posts here) on the biblical research that undergirds the dinner church idea. (here) If you would like to get notification of subsequent postings, go to the Dinner Church Movement Facebook page and ‘like’ or ‘follow’.

DINNER CHURCH WORKSHOP: Another Facebook group page which is designed for dialogue by persons involved in or interested in dinner churches. (here)

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