Prologue: Net Prophets

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Several years ago while looking on Youtube I found an interesting video. It was on a conference that had been held at Harvard Divinity School. They had brought together what they considered to be three significant contemporary Christian thinkers. The panel members were Marcus Borg, Diana Butler Bass, and Brian McLaren.

Intrigued by the contributions of these three, I was led to search Youtube to see if there were more lectures by them. There were, and I watched those videos. I next started compiling their videos.

At some point in the compiling, the thought struck me that there must be a goldmine of lectures of contemporary theologians, Biblical scholars, historians and the like on Youtube. At your fingertips, to play at your leisure, while seated on you recliner! And all of this was free and available for use by churches.

That is when the term, Net Prophets, came to my mind. Here we have a resource for the contemporary church: modern prophetic voices available on the internet. Hence the term, Net prophets. Here are blogs I have written about the list I have compiled. After the blogs I have posted the 20 voices I have compiled. There are more I was planning to add, but I got distracted when Walter Bruggemann recommended two books he felt were worth reading. One of them was Alan Streett’s Subversive Meals.

(For those who like details, you will find his recommendations in the lecture at Trinity Church, Boston, on March 30, 2014. It is at about the 1 hour 7 minute point.)

1. NET PROPHETS: Adult Christian Education on Youtube (here)

2. Harvard’s Conference on “Finding Our Way Forward”  (here)

NET PROPHETS list  (here)