“Subversive Meals”


In this section we want to explore the intersecting of the two Biblical issues in the previous sections: the conflict of Kingdom and Empire and the festive meals. The matter has come up while covering the first two issues, but we want to investigate two critical books that deal with the interface of the two issues. On the whole, the books that are concerned with the conflict between Kingdom and Empire do not cover the festive meals; and the books that deal with festive meals do not confront the Kingdom/Empire conflict.

I am aware of only two books that attempt to bring the two issues together. One is “Subversive Meals”, which is written by R. Alan Streett, who teaches at Criswell College in Dallas Texas. The other is “In the Beginning Was the Meal” by Hal Taussig, who teaches at Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

I Subversive Meals

II In the Beginning Was the Meal